Who am I ?

I am both a Dietitian, Kitchen Garden, chef and spesialist in Natural/Aromatherapy skincare products.

Land has been farmed for more than 10000 years. Wild food such as wheat, rice and barley were domesticated, and land cultivated for growing crops. Communities and farms grew up where the food was produced. In the past one hundred years there has been a dramatic increase in the intensity and conversion of land for agriculture. Land used for crop growth and cattle grazing has more than doubled as forests and grasslands are lost for food production.
Increase urbanization has changed our relationship with food. We have become more and more dependent on supermarkets. Food is shipped around the world sometimes more than twice. We eat what we want irrespective of season; strawberries in December and French beans in February. With rising concern over the environmental impact of current food production a more sustainable approach to food procurement is happening. This includes a return to gardening and growing our own food.

This is where I come in as a Kitchen Gardener.
I work alongside busy people to maximise the food they produce with the land or potting space they have. Growing fruit and vegetables at home enables people to feel better and produce less waste.

As a dietitian I assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition referrals. I offer personalised support and advice on nutrition for conditions including; irritable bowel syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diverticulitis, coeliac disease, dementia, healthy eating, cardiovascular disease, early years nutrition and healthy aging. I use aromatherapy when symptoms presented would benefit not only from nutrition advice but also a combination of essential oils diluted in carrier oils and creams.

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